5 of the Craziest Subaru WRX Body Kits You’ll Ever See

Installing an aggressive body kit on your Subaru WRX is a great way to beef up its appearance and maximize its potential. Afraid to drastically alter your WRX’s appearance? You shouldn’t be. The people who own the following WRXs took the leap and it worked out for them pretty well. Let’s take a look!

1. Corazon’s Engraved Body Kit

WRX body kit1

WRX body kit1a

WRX body kit1b

Photo credit: Newspress USA

Japanese company Corazon dropped jaws at the 2016 SEMA show with this unique WRX body kit. Not only did they modify the body with large fender flares, a rear diffuser, a deep chin spoiler, and more, but they also spent hours engraving the entire body with a Dremel tool.

2. Varis Wide Body Kit

WRX body kit2

WRX body kit2a

WRX body kit2b

WRX body kit2c

WRX body kit2d

Photo credit: Ron Celestine

Japanese company Varis makes extreme body kits for Subaru WRXs. This hatchback is a good example of what you’d get with one of their kits. It’s much more beefed up than the stock version with front and rear bumpers, side skirts, air panels, and more. As evidenced in the pictures, one of Varis’s kits will turn your WRX into a work of art.

3. Northwest Motorsport’s Custom Body Kit

In addition to this 2005 WRX’s custom mods, including Nukabe tow hooks and a tricked out interior, Northwest Motorsport outfitted this car with a carbon fiber body that turns heads on the street. Their custom body kit includes:

  • A reverse hood scoop
  • A spoiler and a roof vane
  • Hood pins
  • Side skirts

4. Duraflex Aerodynamics Body Kit

WRX Body kit4

WRX Body kit4a

Photo credit: Duraflex

This body kit doesn’t look dramatic right off the bat, but can you say, “holy low ground clearance, Batman”? With the purpose of improving the WRX’s aerodynamics (and apparently lowering its ground clearance), Duraflex offers four pieces in this body kit, including:

  • Front and rear bumper covers
  • Side skirt panels

If this body kit catches your eye, you can buy it here.

5. AeroFlow Dynamics Body Kit

WRX Body kit5

WRX Body kit5a

Photo credit: Dino Dalle Carbonare

There is nothing ordinary about this WRX. The pink paint job immediately caught our eye, and we ogled the pictures long enough to notice many different cool mods done to this car's body. The wide fenders bring attention to the wheels, which look like they’re sitting outside the original body. We’re also digging the spoiler and the front and rear bumper covers.

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