The Ultimate Guide To Subaru Spark Plugs

Every internal combustion engine has spark plugs. What are spark plugs, and why does your engine have them? This buyer’s guide has all you need to know about the spark plugs in your Subaru.

What Are Spark Plugs And Why Do You Have Them In Your Engine

Old Subaru Spark Plug

Image Credit: CarsNToys

The spark plugs in your engine exist to initiate the internal combustion process when you start the engine. In each cylinder, you’ll find a spark plug attached to the ignition coil, where it works with the ECU to ignite the fuel/air mixture. For a more thorough explanation on what spark plugs are and how they work, check out this article.

How To Diagnose A Bad Spark Plug In Your Subaru

Got a sneaking suspicion that one of your spark plugs has gone bad? Just grab a few sockets (including a spark plug socket), an extension, and other basic tools and then get right to work. You can tell a good spark plug from a bad one simply by physically inspecting it. Accessing your spark plugs is so easy that you can do it right in your garage (or driveway) with this tutorial.

OEM Spark Plugs Vs. Aftermarket Spark Plugs

Wondering if you should get a cheap aftermarket spark plug instead of an OEM one? It’s actually a quite bad idea, and this article explains why. In a nutshell, OEM spark plugs fare much better than aftermarket ones in terms of quality, fitment, and more. All that being said, you can actually get genuine OEM spark plugs at aftermarket prices if you order from us! We carry OEM spark plugs for all types of Subaru models at wholesale pricing.

How To Replace A Spark Plug In Your Subaru

Replacing your spark plugs may seem like an intimidating task, but it’s actually something most people can do with basic tools. Basically, the process involves removing the ignition coil and then unscrewing the spark plug out of the cylinder head. Here’s an easy spark plug replacement tutorial that's specific to Subaru vehicles.