7 Hilarious Barkley Family Commercials All Dog Lovers Will Enjoy

You don’t need to wait until the Super Bowl to see quality commercials because Subaru churns them out all year round. Some of their commercials feature the Barkley family, a Subaru-loving dog family that deals with all sorts of relatable shenanigans.

We had a hard time choosing the best Barkley family commercials for this list but we managed to narrow it down to 7 brilliant commercials that put a huge smile on our faces every time. Check them out!

1. Road Rage

Forget traffic, bad drivers, or turn signals that have been on since 1955. What really gets dogs riled up on the road are those darn mail trucks.

P.S. How about that puppy in the car seat?! We can’t even…

2. Doggie Bag

Yep. This is proof that you can’t trust a cat.

3. Bad Hair Day

Mr. Barkley’s look at the end of this commercial puts him ahead of Meryl Streep in the acting department. Someone give that dog an Oscar already!

4. Phone Navigation

We ruff this one so much! Sorry; we couldn’t resist. But, seriously, that puppy in the car seat. We can’t get en-ruff of that little ball of ruff. Okay, we’ll show ourselves out.

5. A Stop at the Gas Station

Just another typical day for a dog family on a road trip. That has to be the cleanest gas station bathroom we’ve ever seen!

6. Why is it Raining on a Sunny Day?

That twist at the end had us laughing for a solid 5 minutes! Nicely done, Subaru.

7. Puppy’s Bedtime Routine

We feel your pain, papa Barkley. Good thing Subaru’s got your back!

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