Must-Have Maintenance Parts For Your Impreza

One of the worst things about owning a car is being left high and dry when a part fails. For example, having a serpentine belt break when you're on a road trip hundreds of miles from home. You won't be able to start your engine again unless you replace the belt.

The good news is that there's a very easy way to avoid situations like this. All you need to do is stock up on maintenance parts ahead of time. For example, if you have a spare serpentine belt in your trunk, you can replace the belt on the side of the road. You won't need to hunt for the nearest shop and pay them a lot of money to replace the belt for you.

We rounded up the 5 most necessary maintenance parts for Impreza owners to stock up on.

1. Wiper Blades

Subaru wiper blades

For such an important safety feature, wiper blades don't last long. Wiper blades last between 6 months and 1 year. You only use your wiper blades in inclement weather. So if they fail, you won't know until it rains or snows again. That can be quite dangerous.

If your wiper blades fail when you're driving, you'll have to deal with low visibility until you find the nearest auto parts shop. The best way to prevent this situation is to keep a spare set of blades in your trunk. That way, you can pull over and replace the wiper blades on your Impreza. It will take only a few minutes.

If you want to keep your Impreza maintenance costs low, we'll help you with that. We offer wholesale pricing for a wide variety of OEM Subaru parts. That includes windshield wiper refills.

2. Engine Air Filters

Subaru engine air filter

Engine air filters start to clog up after 12K miles. Sometimes they can clog up earlier. Keep up with your Impreza maintenance schedule by storing a few air filters in your garage. That way, you can replace your filter as soon as you need to. You'll also avoid depriving your engine of air while looking for a replacement filter.

We have an extensive inventory of engine air filters for many different Subaru models, including the Impreza.

3. Exterior Bulbs

Subaru exterior bulbs

It's important to have functioning exterior lights at all times. Headlights help you see when it's dark outside. Brake lights and turn signals communicate information to other vehicles for the sake of safety. Plus, you can get a ticket for having a burned out exterior light.

That's why you want to keep replacement exterior light bulbs in your trunk. As soon as you realize that one of your exterior light bulbs has burned out, you can replace it on the spot.

We carry all kinds of exterior light bulbs for Subaru Imprezas:

4. Touch Up Paint

Subaru touch up paint

If your Impreza's appearance is important to you, keep a bottle of touch up paint in your garage. That way, you can touch up your Impreza's body paint as soon as you notice some cosmetic damage. This helps to prevent rust.

5. Fluids

Image Credit: horamite

A car with enough clean fluids is a happy car. If you want to keep your Impreza in tip top shape, check the fluids in regular intervals. Also, replace or top off the fluids whenever necessary. Sometimes fluids will leak or be consumed. In that situation, it's best not to drive until you replace or top off the fluids.

The best way to stay on top of all the fluids in your Impreza is to stock up on fluids. It's a good idea to keep one bottle per fluid in your trunk, and the rest in your garage. We suggest getting the following fluids:

  • Coolant
    • Keep one jug of coolant in your car at all times.
  • Motor oil
    • Before going on a long trip, store a quart of oil in your trunk. It should be enough to top off the oil if needed.
  • Power steering fluid
    • If your car loses power steering fluid, you'll have a hard time turning your steering wheel. Sometimes you may not even turn it at all. That's why you want 1 quart of power steering fluid in your car at all times.
  • Wiper fluid
    • With some wiper fluid in your car, you can clean your windshield whenever necessary.
  • Brake fluid
    • If your Impreza starts leaking brake fluid, you'll have a hard time stopping your car. That, obviously, is very dangerous. If you have brake fluid in your car, you'll get to top it off until you get your brakes fixed.
  • Transmission fluid
    • If your Impreza is low on transmission fluid, you'll experience rough shifting. The longer you let this go on, the more likely your transmission will end up damaged.

If you need help finding the right maintenance parts for your Impreza, feel free to get in touch with us.