Can An Outback Tow That?

Some say that the Subaru Outback is a station wagon, others call it an SUV, and then there are those who insist it's a crossover. We can debate all we want about what an Outback actually is, but there's one thing we all have to agree on: the wagon/SUV/crossover is stronger than it looks.

The Outback's towing capacity of 2,700 pounds puts it ahead of the Ford Escape and Edge (both of which top out at 2,000 pounds). Surprised? You shouldn't be. Subaru built the Outback to live up to its name: a rugged vehicle that could handle the backcountry like a pro. That includes being able to haul essential backcountry "stuff."

Can An Outback Tow...A Camper?

While it's obvious that an Outback can't tow a full-sized RV, it still has enough muscle to pull some lightweight campers such as teardrop trailers, pop-up campers, and other small travel trailers.

This British piece shows an Outback hauling a decently sized travel trailer without much trouble. However, this is the diesel version, which can tow up to 3,700 pounds. It's still impressive, though!

Can An Outback Tow...An ATV?

How about two ATVs at a time? Yep, the Outback can totally handle that. Put two ATVs, each of which weighs about 400 pounds, onto a 400-pound ATV utility trailer, and you've got 1,200 pounds. That's under half of the Outback's towing capacity! We told you it's strong.

Can An Outback Tow...Another Car?

We'll let this video answer the question. Hint: the answer is yes!

Outback Towing Tips

  • Accelerate slowly and steadily
  • Never drive over 55 miles per hour
  • If towing a trailer with cargo, load over 60% of the cargo weight in the front of the trailer to prevent swaying
  • Check the tire pressure often during your trip
  • Run the tires at their maximum recommended pressure
  • To allow for safe braking, drive at least four seconds behind the car in front of you

How To Get Your Outback Ready For Towing

The #1 rule? Never, ever tow from your bumper. You need a hitch because it'll attach the trailer to your Outback's frame.

It's always a good idea to get an OEM hitch (Part No. L101SAJ100) to ensure good quality and proper fitment. You also want to invest in a ball mount to complete your towing setup.

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