See How Much Love Subaru Gets On America's 3rd Biggest Social Network

Not all car brands get the same amount of love on Instagram. For example, as of February 11th, 2018, Cadillac has close to 1.9 million hashtag mentions and Subaru has a whopping 7.57 million hashtag mentions.

We're not saying Cadillacs aren't awesome, but we are saying that Subaru drivers give their cars a lot more love on America's third largest social network - Instagram.

As you can see in our new graphic, every Subaru model gets hashtag attention on Instagram, even the newly announced Ascent. The WRX clearly takes the lead, with the Impreza and BRZ close behind. (Racing pun intended.)

In addition to looking at model names, we also looked at other popular Subaru hashtags like #subieflow and #Subarulove. This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Subaru fans are very creative with their hashtags. We found well over 50 hashtags but thought it best to share only the most used.

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