Ultimate Subaru Steering Knuckle Buyer's Guide – All You Need to Know

Do you think that you’ve got a failing steering knuckle? Are you not sure what to do? We put together this buyer’s guide to boost your confidence as a Subaru owner with a steering knuckle that may need to be replaced. Here, you’ll find a lot of information on what a steering knuckle is, how to confirm that your steering knuckle is going bad, and more.

Used Subaru Steering Knuckle

What Is A Steering Knuckle And Why Is It Important?

A steering knuckle is one of the lesser known parts of a vehicle, but it plays a big role in helping your Subaru change direction. It’s a donut-shaped piece of steel with several protruding arms that connect to the steering and suspension systems. It serves as a connection between your steering wheel and your front wheels, and it helps you steer your vehicle.

This article has more information on what a steering knuckle is and how it works.

How To Diagnose A Failing Steering Knuckle

A failing steering knuckle is a pretty big deal because it throws your wheel alignment out of whack. And can put additional stress on the ball joints. If they fail, you may lose control of your vehicle. If you’re experiencing signs of a failing steering knuckle (which are listed here), you have to inspect your steering knuckles right away. Luckily, it’s a quick and easy process you can do at home.

This tutorial shows how to inspect your steering knuckles and determine whether they need to be replaced.

Are OEM Steering Knuckles Better Than Aftermarket?

When you’ve determined that one of your steering knuckles needs to be replaced, the first thing to do is to buy a replacement steering knuckle. You can get an OEM Subaru steering knuckle or buy an aftermarket one. If you want to play it safe, OEM is the way to go. Unlike aftermarket steering knuckles, OEM steering knuckles offer guaranteed quality and exact fitment.

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How To Replace Your Subaru's Steering Knuckle

Inspecting your steering knuckles isn’t the only thing you can do at home. You can replace them right in your garage, too! It basically involves taking the wheel off, removing the brake assembly, and then replacing the steering knuckle.

You just need a few basic tools, a car lift, and this step-by-step tutorial.