What Are Bushings And Why Are They Important?

Does your Subaru have suspension bushings that may need replacing? Or are you just looking for more information about bushings? Either way, we got you. You’ll get the information you need about bushings in this post, including:

What Are Bushings?

Bushings are small rubber and/or polyurethane blocks or cylinders with a hole in the middle. Depending on the model, a Subaru may have 10 or more bushings. They are usually located where one moving or vibrating part is attached to body or subframe of the car. Most bushings are found in the suspension system.

How Bushings Help Your Suspension System

Bushings may seem like insignificant parts, but they bring big benefits. Suspension bushings improve your car's ride quality and make the car more comfortable by:

  • Absorbing vibrations from the road or other components
  • Reducing vibration related noise in the cabin

In other words, bushings act as a cushion between metal parts.

What Happens When Your Bushings Fail

Image Credit: SubaruOutback.org

Bushings usually last a long time. It's a good idea to replace your suspension bushings every 90K-100K miles to prevent any serious problems that arise when they fail. In extreme conditions, you may want to replace your bushings much sooner. For example, if you regularly drive on roads riddled with potholes or do track days every weekend, your bushings may last only 50K miles.

If your suspension bushings fail, you'll run into issues with your suspension system. To be more specific, you may see:

  • Increased tire wear
  • Increase road noise and vibration
  • Noticeable clunking sounds
  • Decreased ride quality
  • Decreased handling

So unless you want a rougher ride and worn out tires, replace your bushings as soon as they go bad. The good news is that suspension bushings are pretty affordable, especially if you order them from us!

We Offer Genuine OEM Replacement Bushings At Wholesale Pricing

If you’ve decided to replace your bushings with OEM ones, you can get some from us at wholesale pricing. Take a look at our catalog of bushings to see find genuine OEM bushings for your Subaru.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the bushings in your Subaru. We’ll be happy to help you!