The 4 Coolest Off-Road Ready Subarus We've Ever Seen

Move over, Toyotas and Wranglers - the Subarus are coming! In addition to being reliable car on-road, they make excellent off-road vehicles (and get great gas mileage).

Don’t believe that Subarus have what it takes to navigate rough territory? This list of the coolest modded Subarus may change your mind.

1. Wes Siler’s 2015 Outback

Photo credit: Wes Siler

Wes Siler of Los Angeles turned his 2015 Subaru Outback into an adventuremobile that could navigate steep territory, ford silt beds, and carry bikes and camping gear - ll while offering great gas mileage!

Siler made his Outback off-road ready by installing quality 17” all-terrain tires, adding skid plates, topping it with a heavy-duty roof basket, and stocking his car with recovery equipment.

2. Harley’s 2010 Forester XT

Photo credit: Harley (aka FozRoamer)

A southern California Subaru enthusiast who goes by the name Harley in real life and FozRoamer online made his Forester a celebrity with a following on Facebook and Instagram. It’s no surprise people are drawn to it - it's basically a Forester on steroids.

Harley’s always updating his list of modifications. So far, his ultra-tough Forester sports off-road bumpers, a winch mount, an overland kitchen, and skid plates in addition to many more cool mods. His list is way longer than you think. Check it out!

3. 1998 Legacy Outback

Photo credit: legacygt4

Up at the westernmost part of the Washington-Canada border, you will find this 19-year-old Legacy Outback climbing steep territory, fording creeks, and shredding off-road trails.

An user who goes by the username legacygt4 proudly lists all the mods he’s done to the car. Some of the most noteworthy ones include a V9 EJ205 swap, larger all-terrain tires, fog lights, a snorkel, and a custom front tube bumper. You can see more pictures and the full list here.

4. Fern, the Impreza Outback Sport

Photo credit: USMB Regular

Dubbed Fern, this Impreza Outback Sport is tougher than she looks. Because of Fern’s ongoing maintenance and long list of mods, she can ford large puddles and creeks, shred snow on off-road trails, and tackle hilly territory.

Fern’s Californian owner, user USMB Regular, allowed us to accompany him on his modding journey. He showed us Fern’s off-road suspension setup, rear lift, new skid plates, winch-ready front bumper, and many more mods.

You can see the many adventures of Fern the Impreza here.

Got a Subaru you'd like to mod for off-road purposes? It's a good idea to start with OEM Subaru replacement parts to ensure that your Subaru starts its off-road journey in tip-top shape.