Genuine OEM Subaru Impreza Parts and Accessories

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The 1993 Subaru Impreza is the second year of the first generation and came equipped with the boxer engine. This vehicle has a low center of gravity that gives it superior handling and stability. Since you still enjoy driving your Impreza, you replace any worn out parts with OEM Subaru parts. These parts are optimized to meet the fit and standards of the factory.

- Bushings & Bearings – These parts keep all of the metal parts moving together without wearing out the metal. The bushings and bearings can wear out over time, so if you hear strange noises coming from parts like your wheels then check your bearings. We carry bearings, hubs and other wheel parts.

- Fuses – The fuses in your vehicle keep your electrical parts powered. If you notice a turn signal not working, you may have a bad fuse. We carry fuses, lights and other electrical parts.

- Gauges – If you want to know how much fuel is in your gas tank, you look to the gauge. If the gauges aren't working, you might miss important engine information like the temperature. We have replacement gauges, dashes and radios.

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