Genuine OEM Subaru Impreza Parts and Accessories

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When you buy OEM 1994 Impreza parts, you are buying exact fit replacement parts.

Brake Drums – The brake drums stop the rear wheels from turning when you press the brake pedal. These parts can wear out over time, so check them frequently. We have brake rotors, calipers and other brake parts.

Lighting – The lights on your Impreza allow you to see when you drive and warn other drivers when you are going to stop or turn. We have replacement lighting system parts like taillights, headlights and turn signals.

Belts – The belts keep your engine components moving. Since they are made to stretch a bit, they can become too loose over time, so replace them at regular intervals. We have belts, hoses and filters.

We offer OEM Subaru parts with wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. In addition, we offer no hassle returns. Buy your new Impreza parts today.