Genuine OEM Subaru Forester Parts and Accessories

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The 1998 Subaru Forester was the first Forester for the United States market. It is a crossover SUV and was taller than other vehicles in this category. It had an AWD drive train. The Forester was introduced as "SUV Tough and Car Easy." When you need new OEM Forester parts, you buy OEM Subaru parts because they meet the specifications of the factory.

Bushings & Bearings – The bearings keeps your metal parts moving without friction, which reduces wear. Because these parts are under stress, they do wear out eventually. We have bushings, bearings and other parts.

Suspension – The suspension parts keep your ride smooth by absorbing the shocks of holes and bumps in the road. A bad shock can cause your ride to bottom out. We have replacement suspension parts.

Air Filters – The air filter purifies the air before it goes into the engine. If you live somewhere dusty, you might need to change this filter more often. We have air filters, oil filters and fuel filter.

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