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The 2006 Subaru Forester was available with new styling updates and an active valve lift system in the non-turbo engine. The XS model was dropped and the Premium model was added. Whenever you need to replace parts on your Forester, you buy OEM Forester parts since they are parts that are manufactured to meet Subaru's standards for fit and performance.

Rear Wiper Blades – The rear wiper on your vehicle cleans the rear window. These wipers wear out and need to be replaced. If you notice streaks when you use them, put new blades on. We have wiper blades, arms and washer pumps.

Brake Calipers – The brake calipers grab the brake rotors and stop the wheels from turning. These calipers are subject to sticking and causing your brakes to malfunction. We carry calipers, rotors and brake pads.

Gauges – When you need to know how fast you are going, how much fuel you have and what your engine temperature is, you look at the gauges on the dash. A bad gauge will give you incorrect information. We have replacement gauges and more.

When you shop for your new Subaru parts, we can help you find the right part. We offer free parts lookups and no hassle returns. Buy your 2006 Forester parts now.