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The 2009 Forester is the first year in the third generation, and it was restyled with a longer body and became more of an SUV than the wagon it once was. This means there’s more room for you, your dog, and your friends. This is the ultimate outdoor vacation vehicle. You do regular maintenance on your Subaru Forester and use genuine OEM Subaru parts because they’re exact fit replacement parts and you want your SUV to keep going.

Brake Pads – It’s a good idea to change the brake pads on your vehicle at regular intervals. Worn brake pads won’t grip, and you could skid to a stop. We have brake pads, rotors and calipers.

Oxygen Sensors – If your oxygen sensor isn’t working, then the fuel to oxygen mixture may be off. That can cause your engine to run too lean or too rich. We have sensors, valves and other engine parts.

Headlights – If your headlight is burned out, other people can’t see your car and you can’t see the road. We carry headlights, taillights, turn signals and other lighting parts.

When you buy your genuine OEM Subaru parts from Subaru Parts Plus, you get assistance from our experienced parts staff. We also give you fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing. Buy your Forester parts here.