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The 2010 Subaru Impreza is a family passenger car that’s available in a few body styles, like a hatchback or sedan. The 2010 model allows drivers to choose between a diesel or gas powered engine and a manual or automatic transmission. The Impreza offers a lot of room for your family, their toys and any cargo you want to take along. When you need new parts, you buy OEM Subaru parts that are exact fit replacement parts for long lasting use.

Lighting – Your turn signal lets everyone know you’re going to turn. If the light is burned out, someone may pull in front of you and cause an accident. We have lighting parts like turn signals, taillights and more.

Timing Belts - The timing belt keeps everything in your engine running, and it can wear out. You need to change it as often as Subaru recommends or run the risk of significant engine damage. We stock belts, hoses and filters for your car.

Alternators – The alternator keeps the battery charged, so if the alternator is bad the battery keep dying. We have alternators, ignition switches and other electrical parts.

Our experienced parts staff is happy to answer any of your questions, and do free parts lookups for you. Order your Subaru Impreza parts today.