Genuine OEM Subaru Tribeca Parts and Accessories

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The 2011 Subaru Tribeca comes in two trim levels and the Limited includes a moonroof and leather interior for a comfortable and luxurious evening ride. No matter the trim level, the Tribeca is a good vehicle for taking the family or friends out on the town. When you take care of your Tribeca, you make sure to change the oil and brake pads regularly. Replace any worn out parts with genuine OEM Subaru parts for exact fit replacement parts.

Oil Filters – Anytime you put new oil in your vehicle, replace the filter, so your fresh oil doesn’t run through a dirty, used filter. We carry oil filters, fuel filters and transmission filters.

Brake Shoes – Brake shoes wear out over time because they get really hot when they grip the brake drum to make the car stop. We have brake shoes, drums, rotors and other brake parts.

Spark Plugs – A dirty spark plug can’t send the spark that the engine needs to start the combustion cycle. Plugs get dirty, so if you notice poor engine performance, check them for wear. We carry spark plugs and other engine components.

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