Genuine OEM Subaru Forester Parts and Accessories

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The 2012 Subaru Forester is a crossover 5-door station wagon SUV that’s part of its third generation. It still came with five trim levels and one turbo option. This sturdy vehicle delivers brisk acceleration, great mpg, and seating for your entire crew. Keep it ready to go - always add genuine OEM Subaru parts when something wears out.

Lighting – You need every light on your exterior working, so you can see at night, and others can see you. If you have a burned out light, then replace it. We have lighting parts such as headlights, taillights and turn signals.

Timing Belts – The timing belt is a maintenance item that has to be replaced at regular intervals. It’s critical to follow Subaru’s schedule since this belt keeps all of your moving engine parts running. We have belts, hoses and filters.

Alternators – A bad alternator can cause your battery to fail to keep a charge. If you notice your engine keeps dying, it might be the alternator. We carry replacement alternators, starters and other electrical parts.

In order to help you save money, we offer fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing on all of our genuine OEM Subaru parts. If you are not sure which part you need, we’re happy to look it up for you. Buy your OEM Subaru parts here.