Genuine OEM Subaru Standard Parts and Accessories

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Subaru StandardThe 1980s Subaru Standard was a lightweight, economical hatchback made to fit into everyone’s budget. It offered easy cargo access and was perfect for in town driving. You take care of your classic Subaru Standard by doing regular oil changes, and you use genuine OEM Subaru parts when you need to replace worn parts.

Brake Pads – As part of your regular brake maintenance, you put new brake pads on your brakes. You should also check for wear on your calipers or rotors. We have all of your brake parts, including ABS and parking brakes.

Oil Filters – Anytime that you put new oil in your car, you put in a fresh oil filter for the best performance. Old filters will have dirt and grime in them, and you do not want that in your new oil.  We have oil filters, air filters and other maintenance parts.

Headlights – When your headlights start to dim, replace them or run the risk of getting caught in the dark. We have lighting parts like headlights, taillights, turn signals and more.

Whenever you buy OEM Subaru parts, Subaru Parts Plus will help you save money by offering wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. We offer free parts lookup if you need help. Buy today.