Genuine OEM Subaru XV Crosstrek Parts and Accessories

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The Subaru XV Crosstek was introduced in 2012. Its symmetrical AWD drivetrain makes it versatile and ready for adventure. The Crosstrek is agile in traffic and capable in the great outdoors. When you need parts for your Crosstrek, you only buy replacement Subaru Crosstrek parts from a genuine OEM Subaru parts dealer like Subaru Parts Plus.

Brakes – Always keep your brake pads fresh if you want to be able to stop. They wear out and need to be replaced. We have pads, rotors, calipers and ABS parts.

Oil Filter – Adding a clean oil filter every time you change your oil will help your engine last longer. We have replacement filters like those for the oil, fuel, air and transmission.

Emissions System – A bad sensor in the emissions system can cause your engine to run poorly. It can also cause the Check Engine light to come on. We have your replacement sensors and other emissions or exhaust system parts.

When you buy your genuine OEM Subaru parts from us, you get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. We also offer no hassle returns. Buy your XV Crosstrek parts here.  If you’re looking for 2016 Crosstrek parts, go here.