Can A Forester Tow That?

The Subaru Forester is one of the most popular compact crossovers available on the market. Whether you already own one or you’re looking to buy one, it can’t hurt to know what it’s capable of towing.

When Subaru debuted the Forester in 1997, it had a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. In 2003, Subaru upped it to 2,400, only to reduce it to 1,500 pounds in 2014. We’re guessing the downgrade was because Subaru already had the Outback as a rugged towing vehicle and they wanted to move the Forester in a more upscale direction.

The good news is that the Forester is still strong enough to tow some things, including:

1. An Enclosed Cargo Trailer

The next time a buddy calls you and asks you to help them move, you don’t have to make up an excuse (unless you want to, of course). Just grab an enclosed cargo trailer, which weighs about 900 pounds empty, hitch it up to your Forester, and get right to work!

2. A Motorcycle or Jet Ski

Yes, your Forester can pull around your toys! With a trailer weighing roughly 500 pounds, you can easily pull around an 800-pound motorcycle or jet ski.

Forester towing

A Forester can tow a small camper, too!

3. A Small Speedboat

The Forester’s got enough torque to pull a small speedboat out of the water. If you’re a speedboat owner who lives near a body of water, the Forester’s got you covered.

Towing Safety Tips for Forester Owners

Before hitching up your Forester, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read some essential safety tips for towing:

  • Never, ever, ever tow from your bumper. A hitch is absolutely necessary.
  • Use OEM towing parts because they guarantee proper fitment and good quality.
  • When towing, accelerate slowly and steadily to avoid jerking the trailer forward and putting strain on the hitch and other towing components.
  • Allow a following distance of at least 4 seconds to allow for adequate braking.
  • Brake carefully and avoid slamming the brakes to prevent accidents.
  • Don’t exceed 55 miles per hour; going too fast increases the risk of losing control over your Forester and trailer.
  • Whenever possible, park on level ground.
  • Engage the parking brake and chock the wheels on your trailer before unloading it to prevent your Forester and the trailer from moving.

Happy towing!