8 Essential Subaru Accessories For Your Next Adventure

Gearing up for your next Subaru adventure? Check out this list of must-have OEM Subaru accessories that will make your trip much easier!

1. Roof Rack

Subaru roof rack

Got some extra cargo or big toys (like a kayak, a bicycle, or skis)? A roof rack is just what you need! With a roof rack, you can mount stuff on top of your Subaru. Keep in mind that some bigger things, such as bicycles, may require an additional rack.

2. Roof Cargo Carrier

Subaru Cargo Carrier

If you want to put your roof rack to good use, consider investing in a roof cargo carrier. Having one not only frees up a lot of room in your car but also makes it easier for you to load and unload your cargo.

3. Severe Weather Companion

Subaru severe weather kit

If you get stranded in severe weather without a Subaru severe weather companion (Part No. SOA868V9501), you’ll wish you had one. Do your future self a favor and stock your Subaru with one before your next trip!

4. Roadside Emergency Kit

Subaru Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency kit (Part No. SOA868V9510) is another essential accessory to have if you want to be as safe as possible. It contains important items like gloves, jumper cables, an emergency survival blanket, and more.

5. Tow Hitch

Subaru tow hitch

Subarus – even Outbacks – are stronger than you think and can tow all kinds of things, including campers, ATVs, and more. Unleash your Subaru’s power with an OEM tow hitch!

6. Cargo Net

Subaru cargo net

When you take your Subaru out on an adventure, it’s only natural to haul a lot of stuff with you. Outfitting your Subaru with a cargo net (or two, or three…) is a great way to organize your food, personal belongings, pet stuff, car accessories, and more.

7. Cargo Tray

Subaru cargo tray

A cargo tray is a must-have accessory if you have a pet or dirty equipment. With a cargo tray, you’ll be able to clean up dirt, spills, and grease in a jiffy.

8. Compartment Separator

Subaru pet gate

This is another great accessory for pet owners. By installing a compartment separator between the cargo area and the second row, you’ll give your pet his own personal space and keep him from flying forward if your Subaru comes to a sudden stop.

If you treat your Subaru to some of the accessories on this list, share pictures with us on Facebook!