Are OEM Subaru Bushings Better Than Aftermarket?

Are you looking for new bushings for your Subaru? Are you overwhelmed by all the choices available? A good way to narrow down your options is to first decide between OEM or aftermarket bushings.

Subaru Bushings old and new

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So which type of bushings should you get for your Subaru? If you want to get the most value for your money, get OEM bushings.

If Cost Is Your #1 Concern…

You might be saying, “But OEM bushings are expensive!” Many Subaru owners shy away from OEM parts because dealerships usually have the highest prices around. A lot of people don’t realize that you can get genuine OEM bushings online for less, and they're really pretty inexpensive.

In fact, you can get OEM bushings at wholesale pricing. You'll save some money that way. For example, if you have a 1996-2007 Impreza, Legacy, or Outback, you can save about $7 each if you order OEM bushings from us.

So why should you get OEM bushings instead of aftermarket bushings? We have 3 great reasons:

1. OEM Bushings Are Inexpensive

Most of the bushings we sell cost between $5 and $40 dollars. But it will take you a couple of hours to install them. For most people, time is their most valuable asset. Is it worth the risk of having to do the job again to save a couple bucks on an aftermarket bushing of unknown quality? We don't think so.

2. OEM Bushings Are Made With Better Quality Materials

You want your suspension bushings to be:

  • Soft enough to maintain the ride quality when your car hits a bump
  • Durable enough to handle the toughest conditions for a long time

OEM bushings fit the bill. Subaru's extensive research determined the best material makeup for performance and longevity. Some OEM bushings are made with a rubber compound. Others are made with polyurethane. It depends on which parts the bushings are for. For example, to maintain a stock feeling car, control arms need rubber bushings. It's because rubber handles bumps better than polyurethane does. Polyurethane is better for other suspension parts like sway bar links or transmission mounts. Subaru makes a point to produce all its bushings with quality materials.

Subaru puts quality above all else while designing its bushings. You can't say the same about all aftermarket companies. There are a few aftermarket companies that produce OE quality bushings, but those are far and in between. Many aftermarket companies prioritize cost over quality. That means they'll use cheap materials to save money. Cheap bushings won't perform well or last long.

3. OEM Bushings Have The Right Dimensions For Optimal Performance

Replace Subaru bushings

Bushings need to have the right dimensions to perform correctly. For example, control arms with bushings that aren't the right size will:

  • Create a rough ride
  • Cause cornering issues
  • Make the bushings wear out faster

If you get bushings that aren't the right size, you'll experience:

  • Installation issues
  • Ride quality issues
  • Suspension performance issues

All OEM bushings are the exactly the right size for the model(s) they're intended for. Many aftermarket bushings are universal. This almost guarantees that you'll run into issues with them. You should still be wary of aftermarket bushings that are supposedly designed for your model. Just because they will fit doesn't mean the manufacturer designed them to OE specs.

Summing Up

OEM bushings deliver so much more value than aftermarket parts. It's because they perform better, and for a longer time.