Genuine OEM Subaru Outback Parts and Accessories

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The 2004 Subaru Outback was redesigned and put on the market with the last Legacy. The Outback was available as a sedan, as well as a wagon. When you need to replace any parts on your Outback, you buy OEM Outback parts because they meet the factory standards when it comes to performance.

Brake Drums – When you want to stop, you push the brake pedal and the brake shoes clamp onto the brake drums and stop the rear wheels. We have replacement brake parts, ABS and emergency brake parts.

Ball Joints – The ball joints keep your wheels moving, and bad joints can cause drivability issues. We have replacement ball joints, bushings and bearings.

Control Arms – The control arms help your vehicle remain stable when you drive. Bad control arms can cause the vehicle to become hard to drive. We have control arms, as well as other suspension parts.

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