Subaru Bushings Buyer's Guide

Suspension bushings do so much more than just give you a comfortable ride. They serve as a cushion between metal parts. Bushings are one of the most overlooked parts on a car when it comes to maintenance.

As a Subaru owner, it’s important to know what bushings are and how to maintain them.

This buyer’s guide has all the information you need about:

  • What bushings are
  • Diagnosing failing bushings
  • Replacing your bushings
  • Choosing quality replacement bushings
  • More

What Are Bushings And Why Are They Important?

Bushings are small rubber and/or polyurethane blocks. You would find them between a moving or vibrating part and the car's body or subframe. Bushings are basically cushions between metal parts. They bring several benefits. For example, bushings:

  • Improve your car's ride quality
  • Prolong the lifespan of some metal parts in your suspension system

This post has a more thorough explanation about bushings and how they work.

How To Tell If Your Bushings Are Failing

Bushings last a long time, usually 90K-100K miles. They can fail early, though. Do you have a hunch that your bushings are no longer good? This guide will walk you through the process of giving your bushings a thorough visual inspection. You want to look for any cracks, missing chunks, or obvious wear.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Replacement Bushings

OEM Subaru bushings

Have you determined that your Subaru needs new bushings? The first thing you have to ask yourself is: "Should I get OEM or aftermarket replacement bushings?"

This comparison guide will answer that question for you. To sum it up, OEM bushings are a much better investment than aftermarket ones because:

  • OEM bushings are made with better quality materials
  • OEM bushings have the right dimensions for optimal performance

How To Replace Bushings On Your Subaru

You don't have to bring your Subaru to a shop to have the bushings replaced. You can do it right at home as long as you have:

  • All the right tools
  • A jack and jack stands
  • Replacement bushings
  • A good tutorial

We put together a tutorial on replacing the control arm bushings on 2005-2009 Outbacks. If you have another Subaru model, you may be able to follow these steps, but they may vary a bit.

Do you have any questions about bushings that weren't answered in this guide? We'll be happy to answer them if you contact us.