What Every Subaru Owner Needs To Know About Crossmembers

Underneath your car is a crossmember, a structural component that helps support the engine and/or transmission. It’s a stamped steel part, usually shaped like an X, that’s bolted across the front part of your car’s chassis.

Replacing a Subaru crossmember

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Sometimes a crossmember will become damaged from a pothole, a car accident, or something else. If you find yourself in this situation, you have to replace your crossmember as soon as possible. This guide has all the information you need, including:

  • How to diagnose a damaged crossmember
  • The differences between OEM and aftermarket crossmembers
  • How to replace a crossmember

Does Your Crossmember Need To Be Replaced?

The best way to determine if your crossmember needs to be replaced is to inspect it. You’ll have to lift your Subaru, and look over the crossmember carefully with a flashlight. Then do a few simple tests and take some measurements. For a full set of instructions on how to do this, look no further than this guide: How Can I Tell If My Subaru's Crossmember Needs To Be Replaced?

Should You Get An OEM Or Aftermarket Replacement Crossmember?

Subaru crossmember

OEM or aftermarket? This is one of the first questions most Subaru owners ask while looking for a replacement crossmember. If you ask us, OEM is the better and safer choice because OEM crossmembers:

  • Actually cost less
  • Are built to OEM specs
  • Don’t require you to modify any related parts

Do you want to read more about why OEM crossmembers are superior to aftermarket crossmembers? This article has all the information you need: 3 Reasons to Install an OEM Crossmember Instead of an Aftermarket Part

At SubaruPartsPlus.com, you’ll find wholesale pricing for genuine OEM Subaru crossmembers. Take a look at a few crossmembers we have available:

  • Part No. 20152AE03A: For 2004-2006 Bajas
  • Part No. 20152AE00B: For 2000-2004 Bajas, Legacies, and Outbacks
  • Part No. 50515FE012: For 2002-2007 Imprezas

How To Replace A Crossmember On Your Subaru

If you have basic tools and a way to lift your vehicle, you can replace your Subaru’s crossmember. Ordering a genuine OEM crossmember from us at wholesale pricing and doing the replacement yourself will save you a bunch of money. Dealerships will charge you a big markup on a replacement crossmember in addition to about $100 per hour for labor.

The replacement process involves:

  • Disconnecting related parts, like the control arms, for example
  • Replacing the crossmember itself

You might be able to find a model-specific tutorial online. If you own a Legacy, here’s a crossmember replacement tutorial for you.

Please contact us with any questions that are not answered in this guide.